How it works

Connect to your customers and allow them to resolve everyday tasks in a streamlined manner leveraging the power of a familiar messaging environment. Revolutionise your customer experience by adopting our 3-phase process.

Customer engagement all starts with a personalised experience, providing the consumer with the ability to use the communication app of their choice. Syndeo empowers you to design and rapidly deploy the experience your customers will receive

Leverage machine learning and Intelligent Chatbot’s to automate business processes across all aspects of customer service from on-boarding, new account creation to billing and payments. Deliver a familiar and engaging experience for your customers while driving operational efficiencies

When you need to continue the customer journey with live assistance, connect your customers to the right individual, either internal or within an external community of experts, to help provide a high quality customer experience at every step of the customer journey

How Syndeo Can Help

Syndeo helps organisations of all sizes deliver a better customer experience.

Increase customer satisfaction

Through intelligent two-way messaging, Syndeo lets your customers connect with you any time, on any device, using the communication apps they already know and trust. With an “always on” machine learning capability, Syndeo will constantly refine and personalise the experience for the customer at every step of the journey

Build a community of experts

Leveraging the power of community-based and internal experts, Syndeo helps the business unlock the knowledge that exists within these powerful networks to deliver powerful customer service. Powered by Intelligent Chatbot technology Syndeo determines which experts have the correct skills and trust level and when required connect the customer in real-time

Take control of the customer experience

The business has full control to define and manage the experience which best meets your customers’ needs. With rapid configuration and powerful insights the individuals within your organisation who manage the customer experience can rapidly deploy and change the end to end customer interaction

Main Features

Syndeo provides a rich set of features for defining and managing the customer experience across multiple messaging platforms.

Leverages the apps your customers are already familiar with for communication and provides you with the ability to aggregate across commonly used messaging platforms

Taps into the wealth of knowledge within your community of experts

Utilises Intelligent Chatbot technology to automate business processes and reduce the overall cost of customer service

Provides rich insights into how your customers are interacting with you, enabling business users to use this data to provide an enhanced customer experience

Gathers real-time customer feedback to rate every interaction and expert performance

Uses trust based routing to ensure the customer is connected to the best expert to help resolve their query

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