Why Syndeo?

Syndeo’s AI-powered solutions provide you with an intelligent digital assistant. It qualifies your social media, messaging and website visitors, allows your customers to arrange appointments, buy your products and services and receive instant customer service. Forward thinking businesses are using Syndeo to grow their business and deliver great customer service.

Increased revenues

Generate more sales leads
Capture leads from your website and social media pages 24/7. Pass these leads in real-time to your agents to follow-up.

Operational efficiencies

Achieve efficiencies
Sales is a numbers game and Syndeo will make your viewing arrangement process much more efficient.

Increased customer experience

Improve customer service
79% of customers prefer chat over email or phone. With automated messages and canned responses, your chatbot can answer common questions in seconds.

How Syndeo Can Help

Syndeo can help improve your sales performance whilst reducing your office running costs.

Always-on 24/7

What would it cost you to pay someone to capture leads from your website and social media pages 24/7? A lot of money. The good news is you don’t have to. Syndeo’s chatbot is an intelligent virtual assistant that qualifies leads, provides helpful information to visitors and schedules viewings every hour of the day and every day of the week.

Be where they are, communicate the way they like.

In our personal lives, we prefer to communicate with family and friends via social messaging platforms. Messaging is now the communication channel of choice – and you need to be where your customers are. Allowing your customers to communicate with your business in the same hassle-free way presents a tremendous business opportunity.

Reduced office running costs.

8 out of 10 enquiries that estate agents receive are repetitive. The Syndeo chatbot can handle these through intelligent automation and enable you to reduce costs or reassign your staff to focus on what really matters. Let the bot do the grunt work!

Main Features

Whatever your business goal – more leads, higher sales, or better service - Syndeo has a rich set of features to get you there. Below is a summary of our core features like customisation, automation, and reporting.

Ease of Communication
For your customers we enable communication via multiple social messaging platforms as well as on your website. The customer can start the conversation on your website and seamlessly pick-up where they left off on your social pages such as Facebook. For you we collapse all these interactions into a single platform.

Live Agent Assist
Syndeo’s unique AI technology automates many common transactions. Through intelligent routing and configurable workflows, the chatbot can engage a live agent to assist the customer and it will provide the agent with the full chat history. Additionally, at any point your staff can view the chat and take over control from the bot to ensure a seamless customer service.

Real-time Reporting
Syndeo’s dashboard provides rich insights into how your customers are interacting with you. It refreshes in real-time, so you’re always working with up-to-date metrics. Check in on chat volume, customer satisfaction, and agent response times as often as you need.

Easy to Configure
Deploy new experiences in a matter of minutes; enjoy total control and easily make customisations to meet the evolving needs of your business. No need for specialist IT skills. If you want to ask the customer some questions about their mortgage, add these to the chatbot with a few simple clicks.

Searchable Chat History
Chat histories are full of valuable information about your customers. Syndeo provides full access to your complete chat archive, along with a user-friendly interface for searching, sorting, and filtering your way to the most relevant insights.

Syndeo is great on his own, but it’s even better when connected to estate agent software including MRI/Qube, Vebra. With these and many more integrations you can easily share data across platforms to ensure your workflow is seamless and efficient.

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