Who are Syndeo?

We are focused on helping estate agents leverage emerging technologies as we move to an era where digital communication is fast becoming the preferred choice for consumers. The most forward-thinking businesses will turn to AI and chatbot technology to meet these new consumer demands.

Syndeo is perfect for any estate agent who are looking for the opportunity to communicate and sell to their clients in new and exciting ways. Syndeo can provide you with the technology to add a digital aspect to your business in a simple and undaunting way. Set up is fast, pain free and doesn’t require specialist knowledge. Plus you can work anywhere, from any device with this cloud based, responsive software.


We are driven by a simple mission, to empower business to engage the new generation of consumers. Our mission is underpinned by our core values.

We strive to deliver simplicity while hiding the complexity.
In a tech focused world we avoid the jargon and buzz words and focus on delivering business solutions
All business is personal. We deal with our customers with openness and respect which we believe is the foundation for building trust and long term relationships
We are passionate about learning to ensure we unlock new and exciting areas of technology to assist businesses grow

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