What is Syndeo?

The world of the contact centre is undergoing a radical change. The days of large physical contact centres, with staff sitting at desks in front of a computer and stacked 10 floors high, are numbered. In the new on-demand economy, with workforces moving from a fixed to a fluid model, the companies that will excel are those who adapt quickest.  We believe the value of a business will not be measured by its physical buildings and infrastructure, but rather by its network of connections to consumers.  With a distributed network of experts these companies will excel at attracting and retaining their customers.  They will successfully unlock the knowledge, not only from within their business, but also the huge amount of knowledge within the distributed network.

Syndeo is pioneering this new delivery model with a messaging communications platform which enables businesses to connect their customers to the right expert, at the right time, ensuring a high quality and seamless customer experience at every step of the customer journey.


Simply put, the Syndeo platform delivers on three key elements

  1. A personalised engagement, delivered though ANY messaging app
  2. Pragmatic automation, driven by our BLENDED AI engine
  3. Seamless connection to the right expert, fully configurable with a CODE free approach

Who are Syndeo?

Syndeo is an new company with a unique messaging and communications platform. The company was founded in 2017 by Oliver Lennon with the aid of a few likeminded colleagues. Having spent many years in the contact centre technology and customer experience arena, he realised that the current model for engaging with customers and the technology provided by incumbent technology providers was not fit for purpose for the new generation of consumers. Thanks to the dedication an experienced group of individuals Syndeo was born.


We are driven by a simple mission, to empower business to engage the new generation of consumers. Our mission is underpinned by our core values.

We strive to deliver simplicity while hiding the complexity.
In a tech focused world we avoid the jargon and buzz words and focus on delivering business solutions
All business is personal. We deal with our partners with openness and respect which we believe is the foundation for building trust and long term relationships
Leveraging our networks we connect to experts to constantly strive to unlock new areas and types of knowledge, we believe our customers should do the same

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