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Gain insights on all things Conversational AI
from the most innovative companies in the world of CX.

Gain insights on all things Conversational AI from the most innovative companies in the world of CX.

Digital Engagement and Conversational AI Platform

The Syndeo enterprise-grade Digital Engagement and Conversational AI Platform makes it easy for businesses to engage with consumers through LLM-powered AI Assistants on web, social and messaging channels.

Build true omnichannel customer experiences across multiple digital channels, including on your website and all major messaging apps.

Generate leads, increase conversions and provide instant service and support.

Configure Natural Language Understanding (NLU) selection with Plug and Play AI.

Syndeo’s proprietary NLU technology, flexible integrations and low-code environment empowers teams to build and easily deploy Conversational AI solutions that amplify marketing efforts, boost sales revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Your trusted Digital Engagement and Conversational
AI Partner

Companies worldwide, including some of the world’s best known brands, rely on Syndeo to help drive business growth and enhance customer service. Syndeo successfully manages thousands of conversations each day across multiple countries and supporting many languages.

Our people have been successfully designing and deploying customer experience technology solutions for global brands for 20+ years.

Creating seamless Customer
Journeys together

Together with our world-class partner ecosystem, we create seamless and remarkable customer experiences across marketing, sales and service.

Designed to integrate with multiple digital channels and technologies from sales and marketing engines to CCaaS platforms, AI NLU tools and customer data platforms.

We partner with multiple leading CCaaS providers, including Genesys, Verint and 8×8 enabling them to effortlessly add Conversational AI into their customers’ existing technology stack.

Integrates with the most trusted NLU providers, including Google CCAI, Microsoft and Amazon, while also offering our own native NLU technology. With Syndeo you can choose the NLU that works best for you.

Why choose

The world’s best-known
brands trust Syndeo: our people; our skills and our technology.

Our people have 20+ years industry experience in CX and contact centre technology across retail, financial services, telecoms and more.

Partner with industry giants, including Genesys, Nice, Verint, Google and more.

Unrivalled specialist knowledge and skills bridging both Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Conversational AI and Generative AI.

Low-code environment offers an agile approach to building, testing, and deploying AI Assistants across 15+ digital channels.

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