Power your digital communications with AI and messaging

Syndeo’s cloud-based digital communications platform makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to engage with consumers through AI-powered messaging and advanced chat technology.
Syndeo platform

Businesses are built on conversations

Messaging is the communication channel of choice for today’s consumers. Allowing your customers to communicate with your business through digital messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and webchat presents a tremendous business opportunity. The Syndeo communications platform allows businesses to capture leads, sell products and provide instant customer service in the world’s most popular messaging channels.

Engage customers digitally

We make it easy for customers to engage with businesses in messaging channels. Send outbound messages and allow consumers to respond directly within the same conversation.

Enhance customer self-service

Enhance self-service with Syndeo’s AI powered chatbots. Escalate conversations to live agents seamlessly and with complete context.

Deliver knowledge to your customers

Deliver knowledge through our frequently asked questions (FAQ) builder. Answer customer queries with full automation – no need to hire an army of agents.

Sophisticated tools to run and grow your business

Enjoy the advantages of our smart set of features. Syndeo offers everything your business needs to ensure the seamless management of messaging operations.

Self-service designer

Business users can deploy their own solutions in a matter of minutes. Enjoy total control and easily make customisations, code-free,  to meet the evolving needs of your business. No need for specialist IT skills.

Reporting and analytics

Optimise performance and gain rich insights into how your customers are interacting with you through the visual dashboard. Check chat volumes, customer satisfaction and agent response times as often as you need.

Configurable notifications

Syndeo’s fully configurable notification system can be flexibly deployed across email and desktop ensuring you never miss a customer query.

AI workbench

Full AI training capability with the ability to import existing customer chat data, simulate the customer experience and fully test before you deploy new features.

Natural language

Use natural language processing to deliver a conversational style engagement.  Detect required data elements and understand customer sentiment and emotion from text they have entered.

Extensible APIs

With a rich set of programmable interfaces enabling context aware web chat, integration into back end systems and the ability to programmatically send outbound messages across any configured channel.

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