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Millennials are quickly adapting to the ever-changing world changing around them. Included in this is Artificial Intelligence and the way it’s starting to shape how we live our everyday lives and how we interact with certain things. A group most affected by this are millennials. A survey taken on Digital Marketing Magazine discovered that 80% of 25-34 year olds surveyed that they do see value in brands when they engage with them and present personalised suggestions which advertise offers. Digital Marketing Magazine also found that two thirds found it to be an exciting development in technology with 69% saying that they agree in the sense that it’s become part of everyday life. In addition, over 60% see the benefits in AI being used to show them related products or services based off their interests. Millennials provide brands with this personal data and in turn expect to see their information used in ways that provides them with definite benefits. Brands knowing how and being able to communicate with their millennial audience is a key stage for brands to seek to maintain and increase relevancy in the digital age. Companies who don’t initially drive forward at the idea of this approach might find themselves pressured out later on when the technology does become the norm for customer service and more, especially with millennials being so open with the technology. The reason behind the popularity is the fact that users generally have a preference to interact with companies and each other via messaging apps.

As chatbots become more popular, there needs to be a certain set of expectations. The technology behind it should not be condensed to the point of removing the last drop of functionality to continue with complicated conversations which involves a sophisticated exchange with users.

Diagram above shows how the public feel towards contacting customer service

One thing that hangs on to the knowledge AI is the reluctance of users not wanting to share private data with another person or organisation. Users are often unwilling to share their personal information but expect you to provide personalised services to them. This is a stigma that hangs around with AI and chatbots. Once a customer feels comfortable with the technology, it is no longer challenging to use it. To achieve this and provide that level of comfort for your customers, a form of education needs to be provided for customers about chatbots. This can be done regardless of the business. A study carried out by ORC International showed that “customers who were knowledgeable about chatbots accepted them more readily across all industries.”

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