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The 2019 National Association of Estate Agents Conference – 5 quick takeaways

Syndeo recently attended the National Association of Estate Agents Annual Conference in London. We spoke to hundreds of delegates from across the UK and had some insightful conversations. Short on time? Read below our 5 quick takeaways from those conversations…

  1. Protech was the talk of the town! Real estate professionals were eager to embrace the e   mergence of technology to propel them ahead of the competition.
  2. The biggest threat for the high street estate agent in the short term at least is challenging market conditions and not the threat of “disruption” from the online estate agents such as Purplebricks.
  3. Estate agents with a strong social media presence wanted to capitalise on that presence and turn their followers into sellers, buyers and tenants. Through, Facebook Messenger, they want to immediately monetise social interactions directly in a messenger conversation instead driving prospective clients to a phone call.
  4. For those estate agents who were interested in employing artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots, there was a running theme in what was important: (1) quick deployment with pre-built bots; (2) bots which they could easily configure and change themselves; and (3) bots which would seamlessly integrate into existing back office systems.
  5. Outsourcing live chat support to managed service providers was not working. Whilst it promised that golden offering of extended support and increased lead conversion, without extra employee strain, this lack of worry soon became short-lived. Syndeo agrees – placing chat sessions with outsourced agents in the Philippines means placing customer conversations outside your direct control. And that’s a dangerous dice to roll.

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