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Award-winning Irish mortgage broker, Finance Solutions, has today announced the launch of its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital messaging platform in partnership with Belfast-based Syndeo, a specialist customer experience consulting and technology company.

The Syndeo AI and digital messaging platform will empower Finance Solutions to provide an enhanced customer experience, achieve cost efficiencies and drive further growth in their business. Acting as a digital assistant using AI-powered messaging and advanced chat technology, it will enable Finance Solutions to generate and qualify leads, increase conversion rates and answer common questions, via their website and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The 24/7 availability of the service will enable customers to engage with Finance Solutions at a time that is convenient to them, enriching the overall customer experience.

Speaking about moving towards digital and AI, Brendan O’Brien, Sales Manager at Finance Solutions said:

“We live in a world where people expect to connect with businesses instantly and receive immediate responses to their queries no matter what time of day it is. We are finding that our customers and prospects are increasingly wanting to engage with us digitally, a trend that has accelerated since the onset of the pandemic and often outside of traditional business hours. A 24/7 digital assistant powered by Syndeo gives us the capability to provide this enhanced service for our customers.”

Brendan added:

“Syndeo came highly recommended by other mortgage industry professionals, and we were not disappointed. The set-up process was simple, and it was up and running in a matter of weeks. The entire team at Finance Solutions is excited about the value this new conversational AI technology will bring to our business, and most importantly our customers.”

Robert McGarry, CCO at Syndeo commented:

“We’re delighted to be working with Finance Solutions, another forward-thinking financial services organisation who understands the benefits intelligent chat technology can bring to their business.”

Robert continued:

“Allowing businesses to effortlessly connect and engage with their customers on their website, over social media and messaging applications has been a game changer for the businesses we work with. We are seeing an increasing interest in our platform across financial services as businesses recognise the need to meet consumer preferences around digital communication and acknowledge the business opportunities it presents.”


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