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The rise of chatbots and conversational AI has revolutionized the way companies interact with customers, providing efficient and streamlined communication. However, mere automation falls short of creating the memorable, personalised experiences that customers crave.

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation goes beyond chatbots (and generative AI), leveraging context to create a unique experience for each individual customer. It’s the extra touch that makes customers feel valued and understood, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

For example, when I first flew with Emirates Airlines, known for their superior CX, they surprised me by anticipating my in-flight drink order based on what I had the first time around.  When I went to order my second drink, the cabin steward was standing behind me with a tray and a drink, my drink! I didn’t have to ask, they just knew… and I was surprised and delighted! This is the power of personalisation and the type of experience it can create.

Balancing CX in the Future

The key to the future of customer experience lies in finding the right balance between conversational AI (including generative AI) and personalisation. With access to information from CRM systems, personalisation can predict customer needs and provide solutions before they’re even asked.

How good would it be when you call your insurance provider (human or bot) to find out about a renewal and they respond immediately with a quote?  “Hi Rodney, I see your car insurance is about to expire, we’ve already pulled together a quote, would you like to hear it?”  The same applies to web, mobile and social experiences through the use of targeted (and considerate) personalisation that provides value for the customer.

It’s experiences like these that prove to me that the brands I do business with understand me, and my needs, and are considerate of my time.  If companies provide these types of customer experiences then it will lead to better business outcomes including increased customer loyalty, retention and greater customer lifetime value. It can also lead to referrals, I should know, I still tell people about that Emirates story!

Where do you start with Personalisation?

You start with the customer and understanding their needs. This will drive vision, strategy and transformation at all levels.


Personalisation should always be a key consideration in your CX plan.

With the right blend of conversational AI and personalisation, your customers will be engaged, satisfied, and more loyal, leading to long-term success.


(Written by Rodney Hassard, Interim Chief Product Officer, Syndeo.)

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