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Customer experience (CX) consulting and conversational AI technology company, Syndeo has today launched a new, thought-provoking AI podcast. Hosted by the company’s CEO, Oliver Lennon, The Syndeo Podcast delves deep into all things conversational AI with some of the sharpest brains from the most innovative companies in the world of CX.

Conversational AI refers to technology that enables machines to communicate with humans in a natural conversational way, using speech or text. It powers virtual assistants, chatbots, and voice assistants, allowing people to interact with computers in a more intuitive and human-like manner.

“Our goal with The Syndeo Podcast is to provide a platform for insightful conversations, learning and guidance on leveraging AI to deliver meaningful CX,” said Oliver Lennon, CEO of Syndeo. “Conversational AI and AI technology in general has the power to transform the way we communicate and work, and we’re very excited to explore its potential with some of the brightest minds in the CX world.”

“As host of The Syndeo Podcast, I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion for conversational AI and CX with our listeners,” said Oliver Lennon. “We’ve got a great lineup of guests and topics and I’m excited to officially share our latest episodes.”

The first two episodes released today include the following guests and topics:

Episode 1: Technology Innovation in CCaaS space with Merijn te Booij

Merijn te Booij, current EVP GM of the Employee Engagement Business Unit at Genesys joins Oliver Lennon to discuss technology innovation in the CCaaS space. Merijn is an industry veteran, having worked in the CX world for 20+ years and has enjoyed various senior roles in Genesys, including Chief Marketing Officer, EVP Product Strategy and VP Product Management.

Merijn shares his perspective on the role ChatGPT will play in the industry and where he believes it can add real value. In his own unique and engaging style, he chats about empathy and ethics in AI, and gives his predictions on where the future lies in light of technological advancements. Listen out for the Barbie story!

Episode 2 – Evolution of self-service from IVR to Conversational AI with Daniel Hong

Chief Marketing Officer at Minerva CQ, Daniel Hong joins Oliver Lennon to discuss the evolution of the contact center, discussing technology developments from IVR in the 1980s right up to modern day Conversational AI. Daniel has spent the last 20 years working in the CX and contact center technology and services space. A font of industry knowledge, he has worked for Analysts, including Forrester, Ovum and Datamonitor, and also contributed to publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and the Financial Times.

Daniel shares his thoughts on contact center technology early adopters and laggards. He talks about ChatGPT and the potential challenges it brings and delves into empathy in AI. Daniel discusses what he thinks the next 5-10 years will bring and the importance of combining machine intelligence with human intelligence in the contact center.



The Syndeo Podcast is available across all major streaming platforms.

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