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In my two decades within the customer experience and contact centre technology sphere, I’ve witnessed countless promises of personalised experiences, omnichannel support and empathetic interactions. Yet, despite the proliferation of such claims, the reality remains largely unchanged. Customer outcomes today don’t significantly surpass those of twenty years ago. Why is that? 

Author: Rodney Hassard, VP Product Growth & Partner Engagement, Syndeo

In my opinion three primary factors have stifled progress: 

(1) Innovation without direction: Companies often innovate in isolation from the end user or do not consider the entire customer journey, resulting in solutions that may be technologically advanced but fail to address genuine customer needs. 

(2) Technology overstatement: Despite claims of maturity, many CX technologies fall short of their promised capabilities, leaving gaps in functionality and usability. 

(3) Organisational structure and leadership: Lack of common, shared goals and translation of strategy through the organisation  

Today, interactions with service providers still entail waiting in queues, repeating information across calls and a lack of proactive, contextually relevant communication. Rarely do encounters leave a lasting impression—except for the few instances where companies truly understand and anticipate customer needs. 

While these instances may not represent groundbreaking experiences, they highlight the current state of customer engagement. However, with the emergence of Generative AI and the opportunities afforded by digital and cloud technologies, we stand at an inflection point. 

To truly revolutionise customer experience and deliver better outcomes for both businesses and customers, we must address two critical aspects: 

(1) Customer-centric solutions: Effective solutions begin with deep empathy for the customer. Tech companies that prioritise design thinking and customer empathy are best positioned to deliver solutions that align with genuine needs. 

(2) Holistic journey mapping: Viewing the customer journey as a continuous loop, encompassing marketing, sales and service interactions, is essential. This perspective emphasises the interconnectedness of customer touchpoints and facilitates seamless, contextual conversations.  It also drives internal organisational structure and transformation. 

Today, with 6.5 billion smartphones globally and billions of active users on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, digital engagement is no longer optional—it’s imperative for business survival. 

The shift from twenty years ago isn’t in the desired outcomes but in the technology driving those outcomes. Combining digital channels with Generative AI enables businesses to orchestrate personalised interactions at scale, driving iterative improvements across the customer journey. 

Consider this scenario:  

A person visits a website to look at gaming laptops.  A few days later they re-visit the website and a proactive chat appears asking if they need help with gaming laptops.  It advises on the key requirements, recommends products and reassures that person that they are making the right purchase decision.  It works hand in hand with the website updating the basket as well as sending an order confirmation to WhatsApp with a “Talk to support” button should issues arise. 

A few days later it reaches out asking for feedback and if it can share that feedback and a few months later, coming up to Christmas, it sends a personalised promotion for a gaming chair which that person buys.   

This was two buying cycle loops from the company perspective but one seamless, connected and contextual conversation from the customer perspective.  If you’d like to see a video of this use case, click here: Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps 

The great news is that the data and technology exist today to realise these experiences, but success hinges on a customer-centric approach to product development. By prioritising the customer and leveraging data and emerging technologies, we have a remarkable opportunity to transform how people engage with businesses, making every interaction personal and meaningful. 

Let’s embark on this mission to humanise business interactions, one conversation at a time.  



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