3 key concepts you need to consider when thinking about using Conversational AI

Considering the end-to-end process and identifying when and where to use a Conversational AI interface is crucial.

There are 3 key concepts you need to consider:


Understand how your customers will engage i.e. use the language, terminology etc. they understand which will help you make the engagement as conversational as possible. You should seek to guide them as much as is feasible. An open question such as “how can I help you today?” will illicit many different responses and is more difficult for the AI to understand. However, something like “Hello, I can help you arrange an appointment with an advisor or answer some questions you might have on the mortgage process” will lead to a much better experience.


Identify the elements you can automate – don’t try to automate everything! Think of the success of the ATM. It is simple, intuitive, and reliable. Would you rather wait in a bank queue for 30 minutes to withdraw your cash or pop to the ATM at a time of your convenience?


The ATM is a great example of automating relatively simple tasks. However, when you have more complex interactions, perhaps running over a longer time span what should you do? It’s key to identify the steps in the process that are suitable for automation and then combine the automation with live assistance – we call it blended AI. Think of the customer’s desired outcome and how best to help them whilst delivering the efficiencies that will help you scale your business.



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