Generative AI in online retail: the importance of guardrails

The digital revolution in online retail continues to surge forward with Generative AI at the forefront. As companies dive deeper into the vast potential of this technology, there’s a parallel need to ensure that we are using it responsibly. This is where the concept of ‘guardrails’ comes into play. In this blog, we’ll explore the […]

From browsing to buying: the power of using Conversational AI in retail

In an age of digital transformation, retail customers crave personalised, immediate and engaging shopping experiences. Conversational AI, the fusion of machine learning with real-time user interaction, is a game-changer. It streamlines the transition from mere browsing to decisive buying. Let’s explore how this sophisticated technology is revolutionising the retail sector. Understanding Conversational AI At its […]

Syndeo joins the 8×8 Technology Partner Ecosystem

Conversational AI pioneer, Syndeo, today announced it has partnered with 8×8, a leading integrated cloud communications platform provider, and joined the 8×8 Technology Partner Ecosystem. This collaboration paves the way for 8×8 customers to leverage the power of Syndeo’s Conversational AI platform for marketing, sales, and service, integrating 8×8 Contact Centre customers with multiple digital […]

Syndeo secures funding to develop unique COVID-19 mental health and well-being project

10% of firms successful in Innovate UK funding round By Syndeo / 1st June 2020   Belfast based software company Syndeo has been selected by Innovate UK to help society and industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Syndeo ‘Digital Well-being Coach’, which will be developed in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, will help […]

Demystifying AI for Customer Service

  Demystifying the world of AI for Customer Service   The 6 steps to understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a business perspective within the world of customer service. There has been a lot of hype, mostly generated by technology companies, in the customer service arena on how AI and Machine Learning (ML) is going to […]

Elevate your Customer Service in 2020

  21 December 2019 | Written by: Catherine Ewings     I am a Gen Xer, married to a Millennial, and we are your customers. We’re time-poor consumers and the companies that get our repeat business must be able to meet our demands and provide us with effortless service. From the telcom providers to the […]

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