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Strategic Integration of AI and Human Agents: The Future of Customer Experience

As customer service continues to evolve, the integration of (Artificial Intelligence) AI with human agents is transforming the way businesses ...
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Delivering Your CX Strategy – Leading the Charge in Customer Experience Excellence

In the rapidly evolving landscape of customer experience (CX), businesses are increasingly pressured to deliver not just satisfactory but exceptional ...
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Rethinking Customer Experience: A Journey Towards REAL Personalisation

In my two decades within the customer experience and contact centre technology sphere, I’ve witnessed countless promises of personalised experiences, ...
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The role of AI in helping deliver a better CX for financial services providers

In today’s volatile economic climate, banking customers are actively seeking clarity and a personalised touch from their financial institutions. They ...
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The Future of Online Retail: The Fusion of Conversational AI and Site Search

  In the dynamic landscape of online retail, customer experience reigns supreme. As we progress through 2024, a significant evolution ...
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Key lessons from Air Canada’s Chatbot Turbulence

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) gold rush has seen the wide spread proliferation of customer service chatbots. While these technological advancements ...
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Driving growth and loyalty with AI

Sandra Judd, Head of Growth at Syndeo, on how retailers and brands are leveraging Conversational and Generative AI to enhance ...
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The impact of Conversational and Generative AI on e-commerce conversion rates

E-commerce platforms are in a constant race to enhance customer experience and boost conversion rates. Among the game-changing technologies reshaping ...
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The rising role of messaging apps in the shopping journey

  Gone are the days when the only options were to either visit a store in person or navigate through ...
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