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We transform the customer journey through contact center solutions, empowering agents and achieving business goals.

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The most important person in your business is your customer. Our CX consulting gives you both the experience and expertise to fully understand how contact centre solutions can transform the customer journey.
We can help you maximise your customer experience technology to empower agents, delight customers and reach your business goals.

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Want to know if automation is right for your business? Curious to know if AI can assist your customers? Want to provide a truly personalised, omnichannel service or migrate from voice to digital?

Omnichannel engagement

We can help you design communications with your customers to provide intelligent automation across the channels your customers prefer.


One size does not fit all. We can help design your customer engagement based on the context of their contact and what you know about the customer.

Call flow design & build

Our consultants have many years of experience in designing and building personalised IVR solutions for some of the largest brands globally.

Conversational IVR

Your IVR does not need to be hierarchical. Used correctly, Conversational IVR will help reduce the complexity for the customer; done poorly it will drive customer frustration and increased agent volume.

Virtual Assistant design & build

We can help design and build virtual assistants spanning voice and digital channels. Deliver automation with blended AI to ensure the optimal customer journey.

AI for the contact centre

With AI providing organisations the ability to leverage new digital channels including messaging and voice apps it is vital to measure your organisation’s suitability for AI automation.

How we work

Our first objective is to engage with your business through our discovery process which is crucial for us to gather the information we need to tailor our expertise to your requirements. It’s a two-way process that allows us to understand the options available. At the end of the discovery process we will be able to articulate the business objective/problem; identify solutions and have an estimate on the cost.

Using our cloud based platforms we can rapidly prototype CX solutions across voice and digital channels. Move away from months of design and documentation processes to an approach driven by Syndeo and our Proof of Value platform – see how technologies such as AI can be leveraged, how personalisation can sound and feel to your customers and what a virtual assistant might look like. We give you access to a sandbox where you can explore new and innovative approaches to your CX.

We provide skilled consultants to work as part of your team to ensure best practice is followed throughout the implementation phase. Alternatively, we can work autonomously to build discrete work packages. We are flexible and we will fit entirely within your existing delivery model to ensure you achieve the best outcomes for your project.

We will provide guidance and assistance throughout the go-live process. Once live we’ll support you with a high degree of responsiveness. If you need a handover to your technical people, we’ll facilitate a knowledge transfer too.

Solutions we
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Contact centres are faced with a plethora of technologies that can be confusing and even intimidating. With development and implementation skills in some of the world’s leading CX technologies and having worked with global brands for over 20 years, we can help you provide a seamless and unified customer experience across multiple channels.

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“We are undertaking a major overhaul of our global contact centre solutions to incorporate the latest technology to drive efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience, so engaging experts with the necessary industry knowledge, skills and a team we could trust was vital. From the initial engagement Syndeo’s experience and capability was clear and the relationship built from there. Their leadership and expertise have been essential in guiding us with the global migration and transformation of our legacy voice response applications using the latest Genesys technology.”

Jamie, VP Contact Capabilities Transformation, Large Global Financial Services Provider

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With more than 20 years’ experience in building great customer experiences we know that driving user and customer satisfaction requires aligning technology needs to business outcomes. Need help creating a market leading customer experience?

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