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Boost your online retail success with Syndeo Experience Apps

Introducing our game-changing Generative AI Experience Apps for Retail, tailor-made to supercharge your online retail business.

An innovative suite of Generative AI apps for retail marketing, sales and service

Syndeo Experience Apps for Retail are designed to enhance the shopping experience for consumers and provide invaluable benefits to online retailers.

Equipped with sentiment analysis, context awareness and robust guardrails, Syndeo Experience Apps will enable online retailers to increase leads, boost sales conversions and elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty to new heights.

Transforming retail success

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Redefining the retail landscape

The Apps cover every facet of the customer journey, but they’re not just Apps – they’re your secret weapon for achieving unprecedented success in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, allowing retailers to:

Increase leads

Proactively engage with customers and offer personalised promotions, new trend alerts and more, helping retailers expand their customer base.

Boost sales conversions

Provide personalised shopping recommendations, product support, third party reviews and more to significantly boost the chances of successful sales conversions while reducing cart abandonment rates.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Offer seamless onboarding, triage and support, making customers feel like they are receiving personalised attention similar to a brick-and-mortar store. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and stronger brand loyalty.

Improve engagement

Engage with customers across multiple digital channels, adapting to their preferences and needs, resulting in deeper customer engagement and stronger brand loyalty.

Cross-sell and upsell

Maximise revenue by suggesting related products based on customer preferences and budget, increasing the average order value.

Increase productivity

Automate routine tasks using Experience Apps freeing up customer support teams to work on higher value interactions.

How do Experience Apps work?

Generative AI is used for more sophisticated, off-topic dialogue that is unknown in advance.  For example, educating a customer on a product to help increase confidence to buy.

Directed Dialogue is used to chain prompts and dialogue together to ensure customers stay on task. Generative AI and Narrow AI can be interwoven through this to enable creativity but within boundaries.

Narrow AI is used for more straightforward dialogue where models have been trained for specific tasks. For example, asking for account number and information that is known in advance.

Optimising the entire
retail customer journey


Lead Generation App


Product Discover App

Personalised Promotion App

Trend Alert App

Event Registration App

Content Distribution App


Product Recommendation App

Sales Assistance App

Abandoned Cart App

Cross-sell and Up-sell App

Price Alert App

Appointment Booking App

Live Chat Escalation App


Order Status App

Returns and Refunds App

Loyalty App

Product Survey App

CX Survey App

Install & Troubleshooting App

Channel Switcher App

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