Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can define rules based on skill. So if you have a member of staff who deals with lettings and you only want them to see any queries on lettings you can configure this in the platform.
See our pricing page for more details. With the Syndeo Lite package designed for single branch agents you get 5 staff logins included with the standard package. with the Syndeo Premium package for multi-branch agents you get 15 logins included. Additional logins can be purchased for either package.
No. Unlike some other platforms we do not place limits or charges based on the number of messages you can receive from and send to your customers. We charge per customer registered on the platform and provide unlimited messaging between you and your customer.
Pricing is based on the number of customers per month that are registered in the Syndeo platform. Therefore, pricing will automatically adjust as your customer base grows and you are driving more efficiencies by leveraging Syndeo.
No, you are not tied in for any period of time – you pay as you go and can simply cancel the service at any time by providing us with 30 days’ notice.