Syndeo for conveyancing firms

Reduce the human time spent on conveyancing activities and increase efficiency and revenue

Take your first and most significant step towards AI and digital transformation

The Syndeo Conveyancing Chabot acts as an intelligent digital assistant. It allows conveyancing firms to engage with clients via webchat and the messaging channels they already use every day. Syndeo gives firms powerful tools to win more clients, answer common questions, manage client onboarding and process payments, among other use cases.

Top 3 ways conveyancing firms are using the Syndeo communication platform

Answer FAQs

Give clients fast answers to many common questions to help guide them easily through the conveyancing process.

Client onboarding

Provide a positive first experience with the ultimate self-service client onboarding model.

Process payments

Provide an interface for online payments, meaning the client can pay fees and disbursements easily and fuss-free.

Simple pricing. No long term contracts.


  • Additional fee for on-boarding and designer training
  • Gets you up and running with Webchat and Messenger
  • Pre-built FAQ for conveyancing

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  • Additional fee for on-boarding and designer training
  • Add WhatsApp, SMS and other channels
  • Pre-built & customised FAQ for conveyancing
  • Custom AI flows incl. payment capture
  • Ability to integrate to client conveyancing solutions

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