Power your Customer Journey with Conversational AI and Messaging

Syndeo Conversational AI Platform

Manage the entire Conversational AI experience across marketing, sales and service.

Build true omnichannel customer experiences with connectors to all major social and messaging channels.

Integrate with multiple digital channels and technologies from sales and marketing engines to CCaaS platforms, AI NLU tools and customer data platforms.

Deliver a more personalised customer experience with Plug and Play AI technologies.

Generate leads, increase conversions and improve customer service and retention.

Build true omnichannel customer experiences

Syndeo enables communication with your customers via multiple digital messaging channels including WeChat, WhatsApp, Kakao, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS and webchat.

It creates a single experience combining bots and live interactions and is seamlessly deployed across all channels.

Freedom of choice for AI 

Syndeo leverages NLU with its inbuilt Kelvin AI engine, while also facilitating a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) approach with pre-existing integration to market leading AI capability including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Large Language Models.

With Plug and Play AI, you can choose the NLU that works best for you while retaining the core tooling within Syndeo.

The platform enables A/B testing against multiple NLUs, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Easy to use and configure – designed for business professionals

Syndeo removes much of the complexity of designing customer interactions that leverage AI and NLU. You can:

  • Configure the customer experience in a rapid and iterative manner, incorporating NLU and direct dialogue.
  • Manipulate and manage machine learning data, regardless of the underlying NLU, in a single AI workbench.
  • Simulate customer interactions via Syndeo’s inbuilt CX simulator.

Key Features

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