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The Syndeo Podcast, hosted by our CEO, Oliver Lennon delves into all things Conversational AI with some of the sharpest business and technology brains from the most innovative companies in the world of customer experience.

E13: Transforming Customer Experience with AI: Insights from Alok Kulkarni

Join host, Oliver Lennon as he chats with Alok Kulkarni, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Cyara, one of ...
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E12: CX Past, Present and Future: A Conversation with Paula Kennedy Garcia

Join host Oliver Lennon as he kicks off series two of the Syndeo Podcast with CX thought leader, innovator and ...
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E11: Conversational AI: Transformations and challenges with Marina Ashurkina

In this episode host, Oliver Lennon is joined by Marina Ashurkina, a distinguished professional with over 13 years of Conversational ...
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E10: Exploring Conversational AI’s evolution and impact: A conversation with expert Mike McTear

In this enlightening episode, Oliver is joined by Mike McTear, Emeritus Professor at Ulster University to delve into the evolving ...
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E9: The impact of Generative AI in customer service: a Google perspective with John Lush.

In this episode Oliver Lennon welcomes John Lush, an esteemed expert in the realm of customer service and experience. Boasting ...
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E8: Crafting conversations: a deep dive into Conversational design with Nat Walker, Vodafone

Join Oliver Lennon in this captivating episode as he catches up with Nat Walker, the Chatbot Experience & Linguistic Lead ...
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E7: The Next Six Weeks, Six Months and Six Years: Exploring Large Language Models (LLMs) with Verint Experts

  Join host, Oliver Lennon and Verint Systems Inc’s AI experts, Ian Beaver and Scott Lindsay, in this enlightening episode ...
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E6: The AI Awakening: LLMs, Conversational AI, and Exploring the Frontiers of Co-Bots with Evan Kirstel

Join host Oliver Lennon as he welcomes B2B social media trailblazer and renowned tech influencer, Evan Kirstel to the podcast. ...
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E5: The Engagement Capacity Gap and leveraging Conversational AI and LLMs for improved CX with Matt Pyke

In this episode, our host Oliver Lennon engages in a thoughtful conversation with Matt Pyke, the Senior Director of Strategic ...
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