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E13: Transforming Customer Experience with AI: Insights from Alok Kulkarni

Join host, Oliver Lennon as he chats with Alok Kulkarni, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Cyara, one of the world’s leading AI and voice testing companies. With over two decades of experience in the CX industry, Alok delves into the dynamic world of customer experience transformation. Discover how AI and voice technologies are revolutionising the way businesses interact with their customers. Alok shares the journey of Cyara, from its inception in Melbourne to becoming a global powerhouse and provides a glimpse into the future of customer service with AI. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and customer experience.

Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00)

  • Host Oliver Lennon introduces the episode and guest, Alok Kulkarni.

Alok’s Background and Journey (02:15)

  • Alok shares his journey in the contact centre communications industry since 1996.
  • Discussion on the founding and growth of Cyara.

The Evolution of Customer Experience (10:45)

  • How Cyara has transformed into an AI-led customer experience platform.
  • The impact of AI and voice technologies on customer service.

Challenges and Innovations in AI (18:30)

  • The differences between past and present AI technologies.
  • The role of generative AI in understanding human emotion and empathy.

Practical Applications of AI in Customer Service (28:00)

  • Examples of AI implementations in various industries.
  • The concept of democratising customer experience through AI.

The Future of Contact Centres (35:45)

  • Predictions on the future landscape of customer service and AI.
  • The potential for fully automated customer interactions.

Voice vs. Digital Communication (45:00)

  • The enduring relevance of voice communication in customer service.
  • How multimodal AI can enhance customer interactions.

Conclusion and Future Topics

  • Oliver and Alok wrap up the discussion.


About ‘The Syndeo Podcast’

The Syndeo Podcast, hosted by Oliver Lennon delves deep into all things Conversational AI with some of the sharpest brains from the most innovative companies in the world of Customer Experience (CX). These are not a series of interviews, but conversations – a regular discourse designed to provoke, educate and enlighten business professionals with insights, learning and guidance on leveraging conversational AI to deliver meaningful CX.

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