Ep #3 – Applying the theory of Marginal Gains in the new world of Conversational AI with Dave Tainton

Resource Description

In this episode, Oliver Lennon welcomes Dave Tainton, Senior Manager of Chatbot, AI and Voice within Vodafone to the show. Dave, also known as DT in the industry, has been a prominent figure in the CX space for many years and has worked with leading organizations such as Egg Bank, BSkyB, and Capital One. The Conversation revolves around the concept of marginal gains and how to apply the theory in the new world of Conversational AI to drive business benefits. Dave shares insights on how to structure teams from an agile perspective, leveraging conversational designers and their scarce skills to drive results.

A former international cricketer with England indoor cricket team, Dave draws parallels between the world of sport and the business world, sharing lessons learned on how to use concepts such as marginal gains to achieve success. The discussion also touches on the impact and use of ChatGPT, even on its use in helping write Dave’s own wedding speech. Tune into this insightful episode and learn how to apply these concepts in your own organization.


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