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Drive growth and improve satisfaction with more channels

Syndeo Digital Exchange makes it easy for businesses to engage with customers on web and messaging channels, leveraging human agents or AI Assistants.  

With support for Webchat, Async Web Messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, Mobile, Line, QQ, Kakao Talk, Discord, Slack and X, businesses can expand their reach across channels, market segments and business models to acquire and serve new customers.

Improve customer loyalty with two-way conversations

Syndeo Digital Exchange supports two-way communication catering for inbound and outbound customer interactions on web and messaging channels.  

Digital Exchange also includes context-aware, a feature that enables customers to engage on one channel and pick up on another, without losing context. 

These features enable businesses to develop stronger long term relationships with customers helping to improve customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Increase productivity with native or digital agents from CCaaS leaders

Digital agents typically handle 3x more interactions than voice agents.  Syndeo Digital Exchange supports both native digital agents (or advisors) across the enterprise, with support for leading contact centre platforms such as Genesys, Nice, Verint, 8×8 and more.  Digital agents can be set up in minutes ensuring that you realise value immediately.

Digital Exchange with Automation

See Digital Exchange and AI Assistant with Experience Apps in action for retailers

Digital Exchange delivering better customer outcomes

Syndeo Digital Exchange has been designed to integrate with the most common and obscure digital channels on the market.  It supports rich media capabilities and provides the following benefits for customers who engage with it: 

Convenience of choice

Customers can choose their preferred communication channel, whether it’s social media, messaging apps or webchat for interacting with businesses.

Seamless communication

Experience smooth and consistent conversations across various platforms without repeating information or losing context.

24/7 availability

Customers can reach out to businesses anytime, thanks to the Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps, ensuring that they receive timely responses even outside of regular business hours.

Personalised interactions

Receive customised responses and recommendations tailored to individual preferences and past interactions.

Efficient problem resolution

Quicker resolution of enquiries and issues as the platform facilitates prompt and accurate responses.

Enhanced experience

Known interfaces and easy navigation across different digital channels, make the communication process straightforward and pleasant.

The amount of companies investing in omnichannel experience has increased to percentages of over 80% from 20%


Digital Exchange delivering better business outcomes

By delivering the customer benefits above, Syndeo Digital Exchange delivers the following benefits to businesses who use it: 

Expanded reach

Access a broader customer base by being present on multiple digital platforms where different segments of customers are active.

Improved customer engagement

Engage customers more effectively by meeting them on their preferred platforms, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Operational efficiency

Streamline customer service operations with AI Assistants on Digital Exchange managing routine enquiries, freeing up human agents to handle more complex issues.

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable insights from customer interactions across various channels to inform business strategies and improve services.

Increased sales and conversion

Leverage the platform to provide targeted information and recommendations, potentially increasing sales and conversion rates.

Scale as needs change

Easily scale up or modify the service as the business grows or as customer needs evolve, ensuring the digital engagement strategy remains effective and relevant.

Real business impact

A global retailer serving customers across 30 countries and 24 languages achieved the outcomes by implementing Syndeo Digital Exchange with the Syndeo AI Assistant:

Happy customers
0 %
Million in annual savings
0 +
Operational efficiency gains
0 %
Week cloud migration

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