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Deliver better outcomes using Syndeo AI Assistant for Financial Services

Syndeo AI Assistant, incorporating Experience Apps for Financial Services is engineered to elevate the banking and financial management experience for clients while driving superior outcomes for financial institutions at every point of the client journey.

It empowers clients to efficiently self-serve across web and digital channels, ensuring interactions are both satisfying and effective. As well as this, the solution enables financial institutions to enhance engagement, personalise client services and significantly boost operational efficiency.

This is accomplished by seamlessly integrating traditional AI, Generative AI, directed dialogues, contextual understanding and guardrails to create a next-generation AI Assistant tailored for the financial services sector.

Experience Apps designed for the Financial Services customer journey

Experience Apps are pre-configured to drive better outcomes for customers and financial services businesses.  Apps contain Generative AI prompt templates, directed dialogues, context and guardrails.


Lead Generation

Financial Education

Product Discovery

Personalised Promotion

Trend Alert

Event Registration


Product Recommendation

Sales Assistance

Loan Application

Investment Consultation

Credit Card Application

Insurance Quotes


Account Management

Customer Support

Mobile Deposits

Bill Payments

Transaction Alerts

Branch Locator

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“We have seen a significant improvement in the quality of leads generated through the Syndeo platform when compared to what we had previously seen with our outsourced live chat provider.

We are now engaging customers who are much further advanced in their mortgage journey. Not only this, but the business case is a ‘no-brainer’.”

Nicola Schutrups, Managing Director, The Mortgage Hut


Engagement level (customers who engaged when offered the opportunity to chat).

66% (or 3x)

Reduction in cost per lead (compared to outsourced live chat).


Leads generated out of hours (evenings and weekends).

Quick and easy access to new customers with Digital Exchange

Syndeo Digital Exchange enables financial institutions to connect with clients through over 15 web and messaging channels, supported by human agents or the Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps tailored for financial services.

With robust support for Webchat, Async Web Messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, Mobile, Line, QQ, Kakao Talk, Discord, Slack and X, financial institutions can broaden their engagement across diverse channels. This expansive reach enables them to cater to various client preferences, enhance service delivery and adopt innovative business models to attract and retain clients in the competitive financial services landscape.

Live agent support when customers need it

When a live agent’s expertise is necessary, the Syndeo platform seamlessly transfers the context of the interaction from the client and the AI Assistant to the CCaaS agent desktop within financial institutions. This ensures a smooth, context-aware and personalised client experience, maintaining continuity and understanding in every interaction.

Syndeo offers ready-to-use integration with leading CCaaS providers such as Genesys, 8×8, Verint, Nice, and more, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Financial Services industry.

Transforming Financial Services: a digital revolution

Experience the Power of Digital Exchange and AI-Assisted Interactions.

Delivering better customer outcomes in Financial Services with Syndeo

The Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps and Digital Exchange solutions have been designed to deliver better customer outcomes across marketing, sales and service.  Customer benefits include:

Personalised banking experience

Our Experience Apps provide personalised financial advice, product recommendations and support based on your individual financial behaviours and preferences.

Efficient self-service

Enjoy quick and efficient banking services, with the ability to check balances, make transactions and get answers to your enquiries effortlessly.

24/7 availability

Access banking support and services round the clock, ensuring you have the convenience of banking when it suits you.

Easier navigation of banking services

Navigate banking services with ease through intuitive interfaces and straightforward instructions, even if you’re not a financial expert.

Seamless CX across channels

Start banking interactions on one channel and seamlessly continue on another, maintaining a consistent and cohesive banking experience.

Privacy and security

Trust in our commitment to safeguarding your financial data and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, providing peace of mind for your banking transactions.

A customer experience digital transformation can increase the revenue of a company by 20 to 50%.


Delivering better business outcomes in retail banking with Syndeo

The Syndeo Digital Exchange and Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps solutions have also been designed to deliver better business outcomes across marketing, sales and service.  Business benefits include:

Enhanced customer engagement

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering personalised, efficient and round the clock banking services.

Operational efficiency

Streamline banking support tasks, reduce costs and improve response times with automation and self-service options.


Leverage customer data and insights to optimise banking services, offer tailored financial products and drive strategic decision-making.

Improved sales and retention

Attract and retain banking customers by providing superior service, personalised interactions and innovative financial solutions.


Easily scale up or modify the service as the business grows or as customer needs evolve, ensuring the digital engagement strategy remains effective and relevant.

Brand differentiation

Offering innovative and efficient marketing, sales and service using Experience Apps will set your business apart from competitors.

Real business impact

A global business serving customers across 30 countries and 24 languages achieved these outcomes by implementing the Syndeo AI Assistant:

Happy cusotmers
0 %
Million in annual savings
0 +
Operational efficiency gains
0 %
Week cloud migration

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Low-code environment offers an agile approach to building, testing, and deploying AI Assistants across 15+ digital channels.

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