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Industry-specific Experience Apps

Syndeo Experience Apps are a suite of fully customisable, ready-to-use, industry specific applications designed to supercharge your AI Assistant.

Designed to cater to both customer and business requirements at every stage of the customer journey, these apps aim to enhance engagement, elevate conversion rates, and markedly boost business productivity.

By seamlessly integrating traditional AI, Generative AI, directed dialogues, context awareness, and real-time guardrails, Experience Apps enable customers to efficiently self-serve on web and digital channels, ensuring a satisfying and effective interaction.

Accessible by customers on any touch point

Customers can engage with Syndeo Experience Apps on any channel through Digital Exchange, whether that be a first interaction on web chat, receiving an outbound promotional message on WhatsApp, or completing a sales interaction on Facebook.  

Furthermore, customers can seamlessly engage on one channel and then pick up on another with full context passing.

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Live agent support with leading CCaaS providers

When a live agent is required, the Syndeo platform passes context of the conversation between the customer and the AI Assistant to the CCaaS agent desktop.  This ensures a seamless, contextual and personalised customer experience.  

Syndeo supports out of the box integration with CCaaS providers including Genesys, 8×8, Verint, Nice and others.

Personalising and connecting the CX 

See AI Assistant with Experience Apps in action for retailers

AI Assistants delivering better customer outcomes

The Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps has been designed to deliver better customer outcomes across marketing, sales and service.  Customer benefits include:

Personalised experience

Better understand and adapt to real-time individual needs at every point in their journey across channels and time.

Quick and efficient service

Customers get immediate responses and tailored assistance, helping to reduce wait times and improving overall experience.

24/7 availability

Offer consistent and contextualised around the clock support when customers need it, without the need for live agents.

Ease of use

Experience Apps have been designed with dialogue flexibility to handle off topic conversation whilst keeping customers on track.

Seamless CX across channels

Customers can start their self-serve interaction on one channel and pick up on another channel creating a seamless customer experience.

Privacy and security

Built-in guardrails ensure customer data is handled securely, maintaining privacy and trust for the customer.

How do Experience Apps work?

Generative AI is used for more sophisticated, off-topic dialogue that is unknown in advance.  For example, educating a customer on a product to help increase confidence to buy.

Directed Dialogue is used to chain prompts and dialogue together to ensure customers stay on task. Generative AI and Narrow AI can be interwoven through this to enable creativity but within boundaries.

Narrow AI is used for more straightforward dialogue where models have been trained for specific tasks. For example, asking for account number and information that is known in advance.

AI Assistants delivering better business outcomes

The Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps has also been designed to deliver better business outcomes across marketing, sales and service.  Business benefits include:

Increased customer loyalty

The apps provide a more interactive and responsive self-service experience, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Higher conversion rates

By offering more personalisation and relevant recommendations, the apps help in converting more enquiries to successful sales.

Increased productivity

Automating more enquiries and customer interactions frees up staff to focus on more complex tasks, improving overall productivity.

Cost efficiency

Reducing the need for extensive human customer service teams lowers operational costs.

Brand differentiation

Offering innovative and efficient marketing, sales and service using Experience Apps will set your business apart from competitors.

Scale as needs change

Experience Apps give your business the ability to quickly adapt and expand the AI Assistant as you grow or your needs change.

Real business impact

A global retailer serving customers across 30 countries and 24 languages achieved the outcomes by implementing the Syndeo AI Assistant:

Happy cusotmers
0 %
Million in annual savings
0 +
Operational efficiency gains
0 %
Week cloud migration

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20+ years industry experience in CX and contact center technology across retail, financial services, telecoms and more.

Partner with industry giants, including Genesys, Nice, Verint, Google and more.

Unrivalled specialist knowledge and skills bridging both Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), Conversational AI and Generative AI.

Low-code environment offers an agile approach to building, testing, and deploying AI Assistants across 15+ digital channels.

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