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Deliver better outcomes with Syndeo AI Assistant for Retail

Syndeo AI Assistant, incorporating Experience Apps for Retail is designed to enhance the shopping experience for consumers and deliver better outcomes for businesses, at every step of the customer journey.

The solution empowers customers to efficiently self-serve on web and digital channels, ensuring satisfying and impactful interactions. Simultaneously, it enables businesses to enhance engagement, elevate conversion rates and significantly boost  productivity.

This is achieved by seamlessly integrating traditional AI, Generative AI, directed dialogue, context and guardrails for a next generation AI Assistant.

Experience Apps designed for the Retail customer journey

Experience Apps are pre-configured to drive better outcomes for customers and retail businesses.  Apps contain Generative AI prompt templates, directed dialogues, context and guardrails.


Lead Generation


Product Discovery

Personalised Promotion

Trend Alert

Event Registration

Content Distribution


Product Recommendation

Sales Assistance

Abandoned Cart

Cross-sell and Upsell

Price Alert

Appointment Booking

Live Chat Escalation


Order Status

Returns and Refunds


Product Survey

CX Survey

Install & Troubleshooting

Channel Switcher

Quick and easy access to new customers with Digital Exchange

Syndeo Digital Exchange enables retailers to connect with shoppers across over 15 web and messaging channels, supported by either human agents or the Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps designed specifically for the retail industry.

Offering comprehensive support for Webchat, Async Web Messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, Mobile, Line, QQ, Kakao Talk, Discord, Slack, and X, retailers have the opportunity to broaden their engagement, reaching customers across diverse channels. 

This extensive connectivity allows retailers to cater to varying shopper preferences, enhance service delivery, and embrace innovative retail models to attract and retain a wide customer base.

Live agent support when customers need it

When assistance from a live agent is needed, the Syndeo platform seamlessly transfers the interaction details from the customer and the AI Assistant to the retail associate’s desktop. This guarantees a smooth, context-rich, and customised shopping experience.

Syndeo offers immediate integration capabilities with leading CCaaS providers such as Genesys, 8×8, Verint, Nice, and more, ensuring retailers can effortlessly connect and manage customer interactions across various channels.

Putting it all together

Watch Digital Exchange and AI Assistant with Experience Apps for Retail in action.

Delivering better customer outcomes in Retail with Syndeo

The Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps and Digital Exchange solutions have been designed to deliver better customer outcomes across marketing, sales and service.  Customer benefits include:

Personalised experience

Better understand and adapt to real-time individual needs at every point in their journey across channels and time.

Quick and efficient service

Customers get immediate responses and tailored assistance, helping to reduce wait times and improving overall experience.

24/7 availability

Offer consistent and contextualised around the clock support when customers need it, without the need for live agents.

Ease of use

Experience Apps have been designed with dialogue flexibility to handle off topic conversation whilst keeping customers on track.

Seamless CX across channels

Customers can start their self-serve interaction on one channel and pick up on another channel creating a seamless customer experience.

Privacy and security

Built-in guardrails ensure customer data is handled securely, maintaining privacy and trust for the customer.

A customer experience digital transformation can increase the revenue of a company by 20 to 50%.


Delivering better business outcomes in Retail with Syndeo

The Syndeo Digital Exchange and Syndeo AI Assistant with Experience Apps solutions have also been designed to deliver better business outcomes across marketing, sales and service.  Business benefits include:

Increased leads

Proactively engage with customers and offer personalised promotions, new trend alerts and more, helping retailers expand their customer base.

Higher conversion rates

By offering more personalisation and relevant recommendations, the apps help in converting more enquiries to successful sales.

Increased customer loyalty

The apps provide a more interactive and responsive self-service experience, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost efficiency

Reducing the need for extensive human customer service teams lowers operational costs.

Brand differentiation

Offering innovative and efficient marketing, sales and service using Experience Apps will set your business apart from competitors.

Increased productivity

Automating more enquiries and customer interactions frees up staff to focus on more complex tasks, improving overall productivity.

Real business impact

A global retailer serving customers across 30 countries and 24 languages achieved these outcomes by implementing the Syndeo AI Assistant:

Happy cusotmers
0 %
Million in annual savings
0 +
Operational efficiency gains
0 %
Week cloud migration

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