The Mortgage Hut radically improves lead qualification and cuts lead gen costs across digital with Syndeo AI platform

This October saw The Mortgage Hut, one of the UK’s leading mortgage brokerages successfully launch the Syndeo AI platform, replacing the traditional live agent chat approach. In this time, they have seen a significant improvement in the quality of leads generated and achieved a 66% reduction in cost per lead, compared to outsourced live chat.

The issues related to COVID have highlighted the imperative to connect with prospects and customers in an online world. For mortgage brokers, having a coherent and cost-effective approach to online engagement and lead generation is now viewed as a necessity and no longer a nice-to-have.

Nicola Schtrups, MD at the Mortgage Hut decided to deploy the Syndeo conversational AI platform to drive further growth in their business and to provide a more personalised online engagement.

Nicola commented:

“We have seen a significant improvement in the quality of leads generated through the Syndeo platform when compared to what we had previously seen with our outsourced live chat provider. We are now engaging customers who are much further advanced in their mortgage journey. Not only this, but the business case is a ‘no brainer’.”

Today, providing excellent online customer experience in the mortgage industry is a real differentiator, with customers and prospects wanting instant responses to their queries, often outside of traditional office hours. The Syndeo AI platform enables the Mortgage Hut to handle multiple enquiries simultaneously, providing instant responses to messages 24/7. Of the Mortgage Hut leads captured via the Syndeo platform more than half have been generated in the evenings and at weekends.

Catherine Ewings, Syndeo Co-founder and COO at Syndeo added:

“It is fantastic to see the results that the Mortgage Hut have achieved to date with the Syndeo platform. We are thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking organisation and that our technology has played a part in helping them ensure that October 2021 was the team’s best month in 11 years. We look forward to seeing further success in the coming months.”



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